Whether you are opening up in a new location, renovating an existing outlet, moving to a new area or simply testing out a new product line, we have the appropriate solutions you are looking for…
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Retail Logistics Services
1 NEW OPENING. We plan, coordinate and consolidate all the materials from your various suppliers into one location close by your new store until it is ready for delivery. This method allows you to have all your materials at arm’s length so that you can request any part of it at any time. The days of putting a new store together, just to find out a crucial item is still half way across the country are over. This strategy also limits the number of separate deliveries to the new location and results in lower costs. You can now take control, and no longer have to rely on a supplier to get your materials to you on time; we’ve already taken care of it!

2 RENOVATIONS. We know it takes months to plan how your stores will look next season, but you may only have a two-hour window to get all your store’s makeover materials inside. Our teams are ready to go once the stores close for the evening or before they open in the morning. Hand-delivering each piece into the store, unpacking all the new items and removing everything you no longer need.
3 RELOCATION. Whether you need to empty one location and have the materials stored for a month before your next storefront is available, or if you are moving the merchandise from the old store to the new one in the same day, we make sure it happens seamlessly.

4 RE-BRANDING & NEW PRODUCT SALES TESTING. Our reverse-logistics capabilities will help make your re-branding and new product testing a trouble free process. Our teams of professionals will arrive at your locations, dismantle, box, wrap and remove all your old and outdated products and displays, while replenishing your shelves with your new products all within the predetermined parameters. We will then bring all your merchandise back to one of our facilities where it can be returned to your warehouse or held and consolidated with similar projects from the area; therefore reducing the costs of returning the merchandise to you. Giving a store a fresh new look has never been so easy.
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