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When visiting a local shopping mall in Canada, we quickly see that a large number of the storefronts are occupied by retailers whose head offices are based outside of Canada. We are aware of the uniqueness and differences in serving the Canadian marketplace.

As a result of the Canadian population making a migration to more rural areas, we are now seeing more and more retail facilities opening up in the outskirts of major cities to better serve these markets. While this works well for the residents, it certainly means higher costs to deliver merchandise to these stores.

United States-based retailers and other foreign-based retailers, who may be shipping to these stores individually, should take a few minutes to speak with one of our Canadian import and distribution specialists. We will make it apparent very quickly that it may be time for your company to begin rethinking the way you get your goods onto Canadian shelves.

We can arrange to pick up your goods from your warehouse, handle customs clearance, warehousing and the final distribution. Call us to see how consolidating your single store shipments into larger master shipments can reduce your costs in ways you never thought possible. You may not even have to change who you are shipping with if you don’t want to, just HOW you ship.

We will show you what your existing transport company is not eager to.

Selling within Canada poses its own unique challenges to our non-Canadian based retailers, but shipping into Canada shouldn’t be one of them.
Let us prove how affordable stocking your shelves and coordinating your special projects can actually be with the right Canadian partner.

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