We are retail

Our team consists of people who have been serving the retail industry for decades at some of the largest transportation companies in Canada. New members are added to the team whenever we find someone with the ability to go above and beyond what would normally be expected of them. Based on this criteria, we have grouped together some of the best talent in the industry.

Once our team was in place, we removed all the red tape and lack of flexibility that goes along with being a nationwide bricks and mortar transport company. We then proceeded to add our own asset-based trucking, warehousing facilities and logistic operations to best serve our clients. The end result became RETAIL LOGISTICS CANADA. We are combining the best parts from all segments of the Canadian transport industry to provide you with the only reliable coast-to-coast retail delivery network worth investing your time with.

Simply take a few minutes to speak with one of our retail logistics
specialists to see how you too can begin experiencing the Retail
Logistics Canada advantage. When it comes to retail, we’ve got you covered!

When you choose a transportation company, you are entrusting them with an element crucial to the success of your business. You are choosing a partner who will get your products onto retail shelves in a timely and cost efficient manner. We know that servicing the transportation needs of those who manufacture retail products can be challenging.

This is a unique market. Each delivery comes with its own individual set of criteria. Every strip mall, shopping centre, distribution centre and storefront each have their very own strict rules that govern how merchandise can be delivered, and there are no two locations alike. You’ll be glad to know, we are already aware of what these parameters are, and how to make each delivery appear seamless!

Your current partners claim to be the biggest or the most recognized, yet you spend more time trying to get answers to why your products are not meeting their delivery deadlines or not arriving within the specifications you outlined. When you ask why, all you get are the same generic excuses.

After spending years trying to find the perfect partner, we gave up as well. The reason being: There was no single solution to service your needs efficiently with any of the existing transport companies. This is why we developed our own proprietary network of local distributors in each geographic region who understand your needs and make sure they are met day in and day out.

You cannot fault our competitors for not being able to accommodate services they are not structured to provide; however, they should be accountable for trying to make you believe they can.

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